Condo Renovations Toronto has offered renovations to customers in the Greater Toronto Area for 15 years.  Renovating your condo is not the same as renovating a single family home.  Condo owners must understand what can and cannot be changed according to their condo boards’ rules and statues.  Important mechanical structures like electrical, plumbing, windows, load bearing walls, balconies, and other mechanics cannot be changed.  If the renovation company does not know these facts, then the original design will have to be rebuilt.  Contacting your condo board and alerting them to your purposed plan will save time and money for you as well as Condo Renovations Toronto.

One of the services offered that clients prefer is the three-dimensional model that allows them to see what the project will look like before any work is done.  With the proper design, material delivery and hull away, planning, and time frame, your condo renovation will run efficiently.  Renovations include bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms.  Having the right contractor makes all the distinction from an average renovation to a wow renovation.  The contractors and designers at Condo Renovations Toronto want to put the wow into your space.

Project management is the most important aspect of a renovation.   This includes both before, during, and after support for the client.  Taking that first leap of faith into a project is always tough for the home owner.  But once the decision has been made, speaking the language of renovations is easy.  The team of experts at Condo Renovations Toronto will guide you through the process.

Pre-construction protocols may contain but not limited to data gathering, zoning review, site plan review, calculations and analysis, building permits, budgeting, and bid assessment.  With the benefits of experienced staff, your project will have clear focus and scope.  Clients can feel confident that they are getting the best project for their budget and time.  For more information on the pre-construction process please go to   Condo Renovations Toronto is at your service.

Once the pre-construction stage is finished then during construction agreement begins.  These obligations include site safety and reviews, appropriate start up customs, project monitoring for quality and schedule, control of contractor, invoice accuracy, and expenses.  On larger or more complicated jobs, the client may have to vacate the property until completion.  The client’s belief in the contractor, but this is rarely the case.  That is why at Condo Renovations Toronto frequent site visits and reviews along with invoice and quality control evaluations at various stages of completion are vital to the client and the contractor.

With any renovation design and execution comes complications and solutions.  Planning can resolve the majority of issues.  Storage space is the most common dilemma facing clients.  The finest defense is a superior offense.  But when an issue arises, Condo Renovations Toronto is ready.