Bathroom Renovations

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Practical bathroom renovations incorporate quality, function, and style.  By no means does this mean boring.  At Condo Renovations Toronto, our contractors and designers are ready, able, and willing to help you reinvent your project.  A compelling bathroom plan should meet all your expectations.  Our experts will assist you assess your requirements, set objectives, find ideas, and select the accurate materials and contractors.  Your bathroom renovations should fit your budget and lifestyle.

Beginning a bathroom remodel can seem overwhelming, but not to fret, with some simple planning, design, and helpful contractors it is a manageable affair.  Start by researching bath types.  The more common types of baths include claw foot, free standing, recessed or alcove, drop-in, walk-in or grated, and whirlpool.  Choose a layout.  Most bathroom renovations do not require moving plumbing around.  Also, by not moving the plumbing and electrical you can save big money.  Have a budget for your space.  Generally, 20% installation, 16% cabinets and hardware, 15% fixtures, 14% for faucets and plumbing, 9% flooring, 7% counter tops, 5% walls and ceiling, 5% for lighting and ventilation, 4% design fees, 4% doors and windows, and 1% miscellaneous.  Updating your bathroom space should increase the value of your home.  Bathroom renovations should be your sanctuary when complete.

Choose fixtures that suit you style.  Sit in a bathtub before you buy.  Select sturdy flooring.  Hang a beautiful mirror.  Remember to have fun during your bathroom renovations.  On average, bathroom remodels are finished in 18 days.  Use found areas.  This can be as easy as putting in shelving between wall studs.  Zone a shower space.  Think about creating a shower without a shower curtain or mount a showerhead higher for less water splash both inside and out of the shower.  Designing and implementing those bathroom renovations is effortless at Condo Renovations Toronto.  Share locations for added purpose.  Simply by having your laundry area and bathroom together or back to back can eliminate the need for multiple access panels.  Appropriate lighting is essential.  It helps you look your best.  Purchase a quality toilet.  Spending a little extra goes a long way in bathroom renovations.  Blend form and function with a touch of luxury.

Keeping your home in excellent appearance, not only grants you peace of mind, but also increases your home’s value.  While considering your bathroom, you might choose to use tiles.  Adding floor to ceiling tile adds that glamourous edge you may be looking for.  Add splashes of color for greater impact.  Proper ventilation reduces mold and mildew.  Bathroom renovations will make your bathroom a masterpiece.

Engaging a theme in your bathroom can inject that unique quality that you are looking for.  From traditional to modern, should match your style and tastes.  Material selections can make or break your project.  Choosing that right sink, bathtub, or toilet can be a challenge.  With the bathroom renovations specialists at Condo Renovations Toronto makes it clear for you.  Stop in or make your appointment today for all your renovation needs.  We are here to assist you in any way we can.