Bedroom Renovations Toronto

Bedroom Renovations Toronto

Bedroom Renovations

Bedroom Renovations in a House by Condo Renovations Toronto

Are you contemplating bedroom renovations?  Consider all the possibilities for floors, ceilings, walls, storage space, and closets.  Closet and storage space solutions can be mind-boggling.  How much square footage should be allotted to my closet?  How will everything stay organized?  Does electrical fixtures and wiring need to be moved?  With one simple phone call to Condo Renovations Toronto, your designs can become a reality for your bedroom renovations.

Starting a project of this scale can be low, moderate or high budget.  Things to ponder are your budget, personal style, function of the room, and storage spaces are just the beginning.  Roughly 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping.  So shouldn’t your bedroom be your sanctuary?  Bedroom renovations Toronto are fairly economical.  Remodels do not have to include demolition.  Transformations can come from new paint, bed linens, upgrading lighting, wallpaper, texture and finishes on walls and ceilings, baseboards and moldings, enlarging an existing closet, and much more.

What requirements will make you thrilled?  Will rearranging the furniture or new paint do the trick?  Pick a style, function, and budget that fit your lifestyle.   Bedroom renovations Toronto can get off track without a solid plan in place.  Is the bedroom just used for sleep or is it a multi-purpose room (office, sleeping, and watching television)?  Determine bedroom elements that suit your lifestyle and routines.

Organize and purge items that are no longer needed, worn, or fit with your style.  That space is valuable, so don’t waste it.  Enhance the atmosphere of the bedroom with paint color that softens, warms, or brightens.  Think about window treatments.  They can add extra color and pattern to the room and provide much needed darkness and noise cancellation.  Bedroom renovations are the perfect place to choose art or wall décor that has special meaning to you.  Select useful bed linens.  Bed lines should be comfortable first and stylish second.  Quality and beneficial lighting increases the mood of the room and adding lamps allow for more layers to see by.  Make sure your furniture fits the room.  Bedroom renovations that have ill-fitting furniture make the project seem unworthy.

So what does the average 10×12 bedroom remodel cost?  The cost will be about $7,500.  This gives the client a return on investment of around 30%.  The cost list above includes windows, insulation, carpeting, moldings, doors, paint, electrical wiring and lighting to code, and carpentry to code.  Your list of requirements may be less or more than average.  Bedroom renovations Toronto can be customized to fit your budget, style, and function.

The bedroom remodel adds value and benefits to your home.  Constructing and designing your ultimate bedroom is simple with Condo Renovations Toronto.  The contractors, designers, and other staff are at your service.  From merely, adding more shelves to your closet to a complete teardown.   Bedroom renovations can be finished on time and on budget with style to spare.

Find your style at today.  Schedule your appointment on your time.  You can always add more storage solutions after the initial renovations are completed or when your budget allows.  The staff at Condo Renovations Toronto can design and implement your project in phases when necessary.