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Important Information About Remodeling Your Home’s Flooring

Floors are arguably the biggest component of your Condo & house investment puzzle, whether you are renovating your present condo or purchasing a new one. Also, they are the literal foundation upon which all other design options are made. You might believe that you know precisely what you are searching for; however there have been lots of new innovations and improvements in condo flooring. Thus, you should carry out a thorough research before you commence your floor renovation project. It is also a good idea to consult with a dependable home renovation contractor like Condo Renovation Toronto to determine the most suitable flooring option for your needs.


Carpets are comfy; however they are not easy to maintain if utilized in areas that are exposed to moisture and stains. You should consider avoiding carpets completely if you have children and/or pets. If you decide to carpet your house, you can use light colors to make small rooms feel bigger and dark colors to produce a cozier feel. If you use strong, bold colors during your floor renovation, it might restrict your future choices when changing furniture or repainting walls.


Generally, regular sweeping is all that is required to keep hardwood floors looking fantastic in the short term. Nevertheless, periodic refinishing as well as repairing might be needed. In addition, ambient echoes and footsteps can create noise in rooms that are fitted with hardwood flooring. On the whole, it is not a good idea to install wood flooring in rooms that are exposed to moisture.

If, however you intend to utilize hardwood when carrying out your floor renovation, you should think of using sustainable choices. A professional flooring service provider can recommend the finest hardwood flooring for your home improvement project as well as make sure that a quality job is done.

Engineered Flooring Options

Wood based engineered floors have come a long way since they were introduced in the market in the 1990s. As recently as six years back, faux wood floors looked just that – imitation or fake. These days, they have become a preferred option for floor renovation projects. This is largely due to improvements in their design.

These days, engineered floors possess the durability as well as beauty of solid wood. Also they are available in a wide variety of styles and color to fit any floor renovation design idea. If you are working on a low budget, engineered floors can offer a sound long-term investment as well as resale value.

This flooring is made up of layers of wood stacked cross-grain which are then bonded together under pressure and heat. This process makes the flooring resistant to stain and tougher where children’s toys and pet’s claws are concerned. In addition, they are designed to resist humidity and moisture and you can install them on any level in your house – even a basement.

When carrying out your floor renovation, remember that a professional flooring contractor, such as Condo Renovation Toronto, can explain your options as well as help you select the appropriate product for your budget and taste. At Condo Renovation Toronto, based upon the scope of your floor renovation project, we can assign a professional interior designer to help design your flooring and improve on your ideas to ensure your project turns out precisely the way you envisioned it.