What to Consider For Your Condo Renovations

Condo Living – What to Consider For Your Condo Renovations Toronto

Living Room Renovations-Kitchen Renovations-Modern Renovations by Condo Renovations TorontoCondo Renovations Toronto can be both challenging and complicated; however if you approach the task with your eyes open and work with the right condo renovations company, your remodeling project can yield rewards and results that you’ll enjoy for several years to come.  Condo owners need to understand that there are a lot of differences between condo renovations Toronto and remodeling a single family house. These differences can have a big impact on cost, time frame as well as completion if you’re not prepared.

To start with, you have to be familiar with the regulations and rules that govern your unit. The majority of condo boards specify what can be touched and what cannot be touched during a condo renovations Toronto, for example, corridors, windows, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, balconies as well as bearing walls. This can have a huge impact on your renovations plans and scope of work. Also, if you fail to abide by the regulations, you might be compelled to restore the structure back to its original condition.

For example, you might want to remodel a washroom and change the location of a sink or toilet; however the supply lines and drains might be common elements within floors as well as party walls, and thus cannot be touched. What this means is that the toilet and sink must remain at their present location. If you change their location, you might disrupt the entire building’s drainage and plumbing system. Also, the condo board might have regulations which specify access to the structure, hours of work, garbage and noise. Furthermore, you may be required to get their approval before hiring a particular service provider for your condo renovations Toronto.

Before you commence your renovations project, it’s best to contact your condo board to find out what you’re permitted to do as well as what you’re not allowed to do. Also, you should completely disclose what you plan to do during the project. Your condo board will likely be a lot more helpful and accommodating during your condo renovations Toronto, if you obtain approvals at the beginning and adhere to all the rules.

Some of the biggest factors as well as obstacles that you will have to overcome during the renovations process are time, garbage and material delivery. While Toronto’s noise bylaw permits work to be carried out between seven am and seven pm each day, most condo structures and boards have much shorter windows for work, typically nine am to five pm. In addition, parking lots and elevators must be booked in order to transport materials into and out of the structure.

Ultimately, it pays to engage the services a contractor who can direct you through the planning, time frame as well as steps of the renovations project. Condo Renovations Toronto has worked on many high end condo renovations in Toronto and surrounding areas. They can aid you design as well as carry out the remodeling to make your condominium your own.

These experts will take pictures of your present project before remodeling and based upon your needs will create a 3 dimensional model design to give you an idea of  how your condo or house will look like following the condo renovations Toronto. If you work with an experienced condo renovations contractor, you can be sure that the process will move along smoothly and efficiently.

At Condo Renovations Toronto Based on the scope of your project we can assign an Interior Designer to help you design your condo and take your project to next level and bring your dreams to life.

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